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ACC 547 Week 1 Individual Assignment Personal Budget, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
ACC 547 Week 2 – Problem Set # I5-67, I5-61
ACC 547 Week 2 Individual Assignment Week Two Problem Set 72 , 49 (Ch 2), 40 (Ch 3) 41 (Ch 4)
ACC 547 Week 3 Individual Assignment Problem 67 (Ch. 5), 66 (Ch. 6), 81 (Ch. 8)
ACC 547 Week 3 – DQ I6-23 Problems: I8-40, C3-38, C3-58, & C3-59 ,I10-52 Tax Strategy I13-65
ACC 547 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Week Four Problem 16 (Ch 14)
ACC 547 Week 4Problems I14-42, Problem C5-36, Problem C6-41, Problem C7-43, Case Study C4-60 Summarize
ACC 547 Week 5 Individual Assignment Week Five Problem 83 (Ch. 15), 39 (Ch. 19)————————————————————————————————————————————————
ACC 547 Week 2 – Problem Set # I5-67, I5-61For more course tutorials visit
www.acc547.comAs a political consultant for an aspiring politician, you have been hired to evaluate the following statements that pertain to capital gains and losses. Evaluate the statement and provide at least a one-paragraph explanation of each statement. As you prepare your answer, consider the fact that the aspiring politician does not have much knowledge about taxation.
• a.The tax on capital gains is considered a voluntary tax.
• b.On October 22, 1986, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed, which eliminated the60% of net capital gain deduction (i.e., an individual taxpayer with $10,000 of netcapital gain was entitled to a $6,000 deduction when computing AGI) before January1, 1987. Many state governments enjoyed a substantial increase in 1986 tax revenue.
• c.High-income taxpayers receive the most benefit from preferential treatment for capital gains.
Comprehensive Problem I5-61
Betty incurs the following transactions during the current year. Without considering the transactions, her 2006…

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