LESSON 2: Case Study On Listo System’s Challenge Of Growing Organizations
Kreeti Modi
International American UniversityIntroduction
“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” (Welch)
Listo systems, who had a clear vision and mission when it started in 1990, led to growth and became one of the most popular graphic designing companies in the world, with success comes responsibility. The responsibility to hold on to what it had set out for, which is where Listo started failing. Listo is failing in Leadership. It has become a little authoritarian and it only delegates which does not empower workers but rather de-motivates them.
Review/Analysis of the case
Listo couldn’t handle the pressure of arrangement and proper delegation of the new employees they had hired post their success. A new layer of staffs were employed but they weren’t structured. Focusing just on results hampered the performance, employees weren’t clear about what they were trying to achieve as the management wasn’t concerned with that. Motivation comes when people are aware of what they want to achieve, the goal is right there in front of them, they put effort for some reward they expect at the end. Did Listo employees have that? No they didn’t. What was the result of that? They were Complaints. Complaints that questioned the management procedures of a company that once valued its employees, valued their opinions.
Scenario 1 (Vision into performance Stage 1)
Vision into performance stage 1 is the case scenario here. With the stakeholders and the purpose, converting vision into performance is done through matching these two key variables. Among establishing, refining and monitoring, here in this stage I think the challenge faced by Listo Systems here is refining and monitoring. Because the mission, vision and the basic idea is of what the company wants to deliver…

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