The omniscience and omnibenevolence of God are incompatible. Discuss

“The omniscience and omnibenevolence of God are incompatible.” Discuss.
When considering the attributes of God, in this case omniscience – the notion that God is all seeing and all knowing – and omnibenevolence – the belief that God is all loving, the compatibility of attributes brings rise to great debate. In particular, on the subject of the compatibility between omniscience and omnibenevolence, scholars such as Boethius, Richard Swinburne and John Calvin have considered the eternal nature of God, whether it be the timeless or everlasting model and how this affects how God interacts with humanity. The relevance to the debate of compatibility therefore is that, given that God is omniscient; this would strongly suggest that he has the ability to see and know future events. Therefore, if God knows the future then presumably the future is already set and the fate of each individual is predestined, meaning that any evil which is done was not done on accord of our own freewill and it is therefore unjust for God to punish humans as no decision, right or is, is ever actually made. Some may argue however that God is described in the Bible as a ‘loving parent’ (with Israel as his “child”), and that just punishment is a part of being a loving carer and therefore an omnibenevolent entity. However this argument is invalid in this case as without freewill and human responsibility, the notion of justice is simply impossible.
In order to combat this issue, Boethius proposes a belief in an eternal God through the timeless model. In essence, this means a God that exists separate from and therefore outside of our space and time. A god that exists outside time and space has the capability for unlimited knowledge of the past, present and future. Boethius claims that for a timeless God there is no chronology, only a “simultaneous possession of unending life” or a continuous present. This supports the existence of free will God has no knowledge in the terms of chronology. Peter…

argumentive essay

Unit 4 assignment 1
“Ground Zero”
1. In Berne’s essay “Ground Zero” the quote “But once your eyes adjust to what you are looking at, “nothing” becomes something much more potent, which is absense, she means that as her eyes finally adjusted to what was once there is no longer there, and that absense was a very overwhelming and powerful emotion. She says it looks like a construction site with trucks, and workers, and scaffholding. To a passer by that had no idea of what took place there on September 11, that it looks like “Nothing” Nothing but a construction site. The buildings that used to stand there and the people who used to work in them were no longer there are are absent. Looking at the “nothing” is very intense because we know what is absent. The twin towers were no longer standing as she was probably visualizing at first and as it finally sunk in that they were no longer there, thats when all her emotions started pouring in.
2. In Berne’s essay “Ground Zero” she quoted ” It takes quite a while to see all of this; it takes even longer to come up with something to say about it”. In that quote, it took “quite a while” to see all the details at ground zero because to her it still did not sink in to what she was looking at. She was still visualizing the twin towers being there instead of thinking about the events of 9/11 and what used to stand before that event. It took her “even longer” to think of something to say about it because the sight of what happened from the tragig event of 9/11 had left her speechless and she could not gather the words of what she was seeing as she was still shocked on what was “not standing” in front of her.
3. According to Berne the television pictures of ground zero were different from the actual experience of seeing it because televised images of ground zero included included the towers collapsing, workers running, and black smoke coming from them. By…

Jamaican Immigration

Jamaican Immigration to the U.SSince the 19th century Jamaica had had a poor land contribution track record. The lack of land left people who only know how to farm for a living jobless so a lot of those people moved to where there was more land. America. During the 1970’s the standard of living declined due to economic inflation and low salaries. There was also an increase in violence of aggravated and jobless Jamaicans so many people moved for their safety. Also the cost of goods stared to get extremely high and American has a better education system.When Jamaicans first moved to the U.S Majority of Jamaicans worked on construction and farming but some worked with health care and social assistance.
Rastafari is Jamaica’s most famous Afro-Caribbean religion.The movement of Rastafari has been spread through the U.S but mostly in Brooklyn, New York .Jamaicans celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday and Boxing Day. They also celebrate National Heroes Day. Some festivals are the Accompong Maroon festival and the Amateur Culinary Arts festivals. Which are all in New York City. The National Dance Theartre celebrates the unique traditions of Jamaica. They have traveled to the U.S, Britain, Canada, and other countries. Many Jamaicans had brought different foods to America such as Ackee, salt fish,curried goat and rice. Jamaican immigrants also brought attention to cricket, soccer, and horse racing.
Jamaica has a history of democratic traditions and freedom of expression. Jamaicas politics influences New york City, East Orange, and Miami. White-owned business and corporations hired only skilled and highly educated Jamaicans who they thougt would become successful.
Jamaican immigrants lead to many festivals celebrated every year in New York such as the Amateur culinary arts festival and the Accompong festival New York is also the home to many famous Jamaican restaurants and bakeries such as :
* Miss Lillys:
*The Islands
* Jamaican Dutchy
*Freda’s Caribbean…

Lisa Benton – HBR

Lisa Benton is a Harvard MBA who had completed an effective internship with Right-Away stores, a convenience store chain in Chicago, IL. Benton was offered a position at Right Away, but chose to accept a lower-paying, more junior position at Houseworld because of the company’s reputation for offering excellent classical marketing training, which will benefit her in the long run.
Benton’s first day of work, as an assistant product manager, was met with a less than enthusiastic reception from her boss, Deborah Linton. Linton confronted Benton with the statement that she did not like Harvard MBAs and her demeanor implied that she had no time to orient new employees. Within the first few weeks at Houseworld, Benton became frustrated with Ron Scoville, an associate product manager, who was condescending and held negative views of MBAs as well. In addition, she was troubled by her boss’ lack of communication and interest in her development.
Eager to have her three-month performance review, Benton was surprised when she was described as lacking assertiveness and initiative. Benton was hurt and confused because it had been emphasized that her role was that of a learner. Concerned for future career at Houseworld, Benton questioned whether she should request a transfer to another department or admit that the job at Houseworld was a mistake and try to return to Right Away.
Assess Linton’s leadership approach, applying concepts from across the course.
Deborah Linton has been with Houseworld for several years, but has only had the Product Manager position for 8 months prior to Lisa Benton arrival as the first assistant product manager assigned to the brand, Pure & Fresh. Although Linton has been given a leadership role, she is behaving as a manager, and a subpar one at that. “Management is about coping with complexity… controlling and problem solving” (Kotter, 2001). Linton wasn’t able to inspire and motivate Benton, which is one of the…

Finding What Works

Finding What Works. By: Tyre, Peg, Newsweek, 00289604, 4/25/2005, Vol. 145, Issue 17
Finding What Works
Medication helps many kids. But it’s hard to know which drugs for which kids.
Hunter Walrath’s parents were hopeful when a child psychiatrist prescribed Concerta for their 9-year-old son. A bright, highly verbal boy, Hunter has a laundry list of disabilities: he suffers from ADHD, faulty executive functioning, dyslexia and emotional problems that suggest Asperger’s syndrome. His limited attention span and poor impulse control made him an outcast at school. But the Concerta, his parents say, had little effect. His doctor upped the dose, but still, Hunter struggled. A few months later, when the doctor switched Hunter to a cocktail of Ritalin and Strattera, their boy’s behavior changed–but not for the better. He gained 25 pounds and his outbursts in class grew more intense. Back on Concerta, Hunter has improved and is starting a new school, but the Walraths are shaken. “Sometimes we wondered,” says John Walrath. “Are the doctors making this up as they go along?”
The Walrath’s aren’t alone on the medication merry-go-round. In the last decade, the number of psychoactive medications available to children has more than tripled. And increasing numbers of children are taking the drugs, too. In a national study completed this February, the New York University’s Child Study Center found that 15 percent of parents with children between the ages of 5 and 18 reported giving their kids psychoactive medication daily.
When they work, psychoactive medications can be a godsend. But John Walrath wonders if Hunter’s medical team “had a solid understanding” of his son’s complex interplay of issues. “Those doctors’ visits are fleeting,” he says. Experts share the concern. In the Child Study Center survey, about 28 percent of parents who gave their kids drugs deemed the treatment “somewhat unhelpful” or “extremely unhelpful.” “We find this worrisome,” says Dr. Harold…

Keeping up with the Ksnosums

There once was a possum named George
he lived in the rainforest
and he only had four legs
because a snake ate his nose
while he was hunting for his dinner
he ran into another snake
but what he didn’t know was
the snake was really a possum.
scared he went to run away but the snake said
“no wait I love you”
but the snake was rejected
which made him sad
little did he know
his friend HJose was emerging from the mist
with a pinata and a birthday cake
screaming on his knees “George I’m pregnant”
and I’m going to give birth right this very second
and HJose said that George was the father
so he had the babies and they only had four legs total
there were 7
George called over the snosum to help
but the snosum was jealous
and he vowed to take revenge
because the snosum was the real father
so he stole the 7 siamese possums and took them to the hospital for a paternity test
the results were inconclusive so they had to go on Maury’s “who is the father”
however before they made it to the show
Khloe Kardashian showed up to give her advice
before Khloe started speaking the snosum sunk its venomous teeth into Jose and the cake.
Khloe screeched
“laterally that is not okay. Bible” and then Khloe called Lamar
Khloe said “I have something to reveal. I am pregnant with a possum” and I don’t know who the father is
Jose leaves to go to the hospital and the rest go to tv show and while they are there
Khloe gives birth to baby Ksouth and Ksouth Keast only has three legs
Khloe gives birth again to a snosum.
to make the situation already more dramatic than it is Khloe announces that George and the snosum are the fathers
angered by the news George and the snosum started to violently attack each other
thats when an explosion sounded from outside
Kayne West pulled in, Khloe and the possum gang mounted his motorcycle and pulled into Maury’s
Suddently the motorcycle sprouted rocket engines and flew up into space never to be seen again….

Capstone Research

CapstoneThese past weeks I have been working on researching my paper and finding information on my topic. My topic of choice by now is probation/parole officer. In this process I have been looking at all the information that I have and following the guidelines and the plan that you have given us to use. This has helped me a lot but. But the stressful part is trying to collect all this information and try to prepare an informative paper out of all this information.
Right now I am working on putting my paper together and looking for someone who is interested in talking to me in the interviewing stage. At this point I have not found anyone yet. The probation officers in my area are very busy and handling a lot of caseloads. So I don’t know what I am going to do with that part of my research. So I guess my Plan B for that part of my assignment I was thinking about looking for some interviews done online involving probation officer duties and see if I could import that information into my paper and use that as an source of information. But that is my last resort and I would have to find a current interview in the 2010 or 2011 year time frame. I’m looking for something that is at least current and will fit in with my paper. I guess the reason I am having such a hard time with getting the interview is that probation officers are very busy people and I have a hectic work schedule as well. I work all hours and shifts and not on a set schedule.
However this is pretty much where I am at on my paper. I think I have enough information collected to put my paper together. However I am not sure how I am going to work the budget in there and how it can help my community and how I am going to write up a proposition for our state or county. This part of my paper has me a little confused. I have never had to put a paper together like this. So this is a little challenging for me. So maybe I might have to do a little more researching in regards to those two…

growth of new age

The phrase ‘spiritual revolution’ refers to a total change in society. There is an argument put forward that there may have been some change due to the growth of New Age and similar movements but whether this revolutionary is in question. Therefore sociologists need to question what a spiritual revolution would actually contain and operationalise this concept.
Some sociologists may debate whether secularisation and the decline of traditional religions have led to the growth of New Age beliefs and practices. These practices of self-improvement and spiritualty are often in the form of services such as consultation and meditation. The change from traditional religions to New Age is explained by sociologists as of the changed in today’s culture, where individuals are on the search to ‘find themselves’ which involves exploring the inner self by following a spiritual path. Rather than following strict rules and obeying a sacred text which has boundaries set by traditional religions. Furthermore, sociologists such as Heelas and Woodhead put forward the concept of a ‘spiritual marketplace’ where individuals may pick and choose ways to achieve fulfilment instead of accepting the demands of traditional religion.
Bruce argues that
Firstly, membership of religious organisations may not be measured as simply as first seen. Does individuals’ not regularly attending church mean that they are not a member of Christianity? The phrase ‘spiritual revolution’ refers to a total change in society. There is an argument put forward that there may have been some change due to the growth of New Age and similar movements but whether this revolutionary is in question. Therefore sociologists need to question what a spiritual revolution would actually contain and operationalise this concept.
Some sociologists may debate whether secularisation and the decline of traditional religions have led to the growth of New Age beliefs and practices. These practices of self-improvement and…

Factory Farming of Animals

Every day, animals are fighting for their precious lives in countries around the world. They are faced with torture of being beaten, imprisoned, and confined to tiny cages so that they can be killed for consumption by humans. The abuse that these innocent animals suffer because of people is devastating, especially being that decisions are made unconsciously numerous times a day supporting the killing and abuse – such the kind of clothing people wear. Even worse, animals are being killed more just to be eaten than anything else (PETA). Every year over 58 billion animals are killed worldwide, and 10 billion of those are killed right here in the United States for food (Lin). Do these innocent animals not have feelings and deserve to live a natural life like humans? Do they deserved to be tormented at birth and eventually killed for the satisfaction of humans? With all of that being said, is factory farming of animals moral? This question could be debated heavily, however it should not be moral because animals have just as peaceful and lengthy life as anyone else and it increases raises health risks.
Gene Baur, is a well-known activist, best-selling author of Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, as well as the president and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary. Farm Sanctuary is an animal rescue organization dedicated to farmed animals who have suffered abuse and were going to be slaughtered. In the 1980s, Baur started investigating various factory farms, slaughter houses, and stockyards to find the extreme unacceptable conditions the animals were in. In 1985, Baur became a vegan, and founded the Farm Sanctuary in 1986 to rescue animals who were in cruel conditions. 30 years later, Baur is still going strong to end the cruel action of slaughtering by rescuing animals, being a vegan, and even having facilities shut down like Lancaster Stockyard in Lancaster County, PA (Baur).
On the other hand, people can also immediately come to the…

alarm management

Alarm Management
Network 420
27 September 2013 Network fault and availability monitoring includes tools, training and processes designed to help isolate, aggregate, deduplicate and resolve faults and the availability of the network components, discover and map network topology, monitor network device health (element management) and provide root cause analyses (RCA) of fault information.
Network performance disciplines commonly focus on trend analyses, and the detailed usage of network resources. More sophisticated tools monitor performance metrics, such as quality of service (QoS) tracking, end-user experience monitoring, the response time of application interactions and the performance measurement of network conversations. Some NPM tools may enable the visualization of a set of components that makes up an application and deeper application awareness/application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities. 
Network configuration and change disciplines focus on establishing best practices, policies and procedures, and set up and configurations, automation of network configuration tasks, patching, rollout, rollback, utilization of physical capacity (switch ports for example), auditing and change histories. Tools in this discipline may provide input for capacity planning, compliance, real-time notification, and reporting and workflow automation solutions.
The NPMD market is focused on providing greater visibility of an organization’s IT infrastructure from a network perspective. Whereas network management tools were previously predominantly network-domain-oriented, this emphasis is shifting, and network teams are often the initial starting point to triage application, server, security and storage issues when a fault is identified before handing them over to the domain-specific teams for further troubleshooting and diagnosis.
This shift has occurred due to the network having a well-defined, protocol-based environment that can…