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CIS 339iLab 1 System Requirements
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CIS 339iLab 1 System RequirementsFor more course tutorials visit
L A B O V E R V I E W Scenario and Summary
You have been hired by the School of Prosperity (SoP) as a software architect to help the school plan, design, and implement a new online system called the Student Records System (SRS).
The Student Records System (SRS), described in the SRS Preliminary Planning Overview document, is the 7-week-long project that you will work on throughout this course. You will be developing UML models and documents for the planning, design, and implementation phases of SRS development.
In each week, you will be provided with the information you need to continue to develop your analysis and design UML models and documents for this project.
In this very first week, you will develop the System Request document that articulates the business needs and values of the SRS. The Sop school is excited about this project and allowed you to ask them five questions to clarify project issues for you about the SRS project. You are to include these five questions in your submitted System Request.
Complete the System Request Form for the SRS, including your five questions.
STEP 1: Review Starting RSA on Citrix (not graded)
The video tutorial below demonstrates how to start the IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) in the Citrix lab environment.
Starting Rational…

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