Critical and Creative Thinking Paper
Critical thinking is basically a thought-out process of thinking. The practice of critical thinking is an established set of critical thinking skills that are used to ponder an issue. At end of the process, you make a judgment about what to believe, or a decision about what to do (Paul, Elder, & Foundation for Critical Thinking, 2004). Critical thinking is very significant because it is the capability to contemplate in a rational and clear way. When a person or group l is able think and do so critically they are able to see the issues that come about in an operational way and also are capable of skillfully examining, evaluating, and reconstructing the issue at hand. At one point or another everyone has had to think use critical thinking when attempting to solve an issue that they may have ran across that needs a solution. Critical thinking is often spoken about as a separate action. Critical thinking appears to be most beneficial once it helps other cognitive methods, such as applying critical thinking in decision making. There are many skills used when it comes to critical thinking skills. The main skills that I utilize when attempting to solve an issue or reach a goal are:
• Getting rid of judgment in order to check the validity of a suggestion or act
• Taking into contemplation many standpoints
• Inspecting associations and concerns of a belief or act
• Utilizing intent and proof to resolve differences
• Going back over information if new information comes to lightCritical thinking is not at all considered to be foolproof. Beyond these overall critical-thinking skills, information and knowledge about the topic at hand plays a significant role in the value of thoughts you create. . Critical thinking skills are no standby for studied knowledge in the area but critical thinking can help you get a better understanding of the subject matter. Creative and Critical thinking tend to be considered to be one of the…

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