Nonverbal Communication Observation
Section I
Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another. The process of communication can be conveyed through several different forms; written, oral and nonverbal. Nonverbal communication can relay the full feeling of a message in a much stronger way. It is arguably the most effective type of communication. However, nonverbal communication is not necessarily dictating any words, but instead assists in showing ones true emotions. Nonverbal communication can be clearly understood by any person witnessing the interaction if they are looking for the right cues. Some of the Nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, posture, eye contact, gestures displayed through body language and the physical distance between the communicators. I recently witnessed an example of these nonverbal signals. Last Monday, as I pulled into a parking spot at school by the campus center, I witnessed an argument between a female and a male. The visual clues I was receiving lead me to conclude many things about what was going on between them without knowing any information being discussed.
Section II
Eye Contact
Her gaze direction clearly showed her intentions. As she confronted him, her eyes were piercing through him as if she was a lioness going in for the kill. She glared at him intensely, as her eyes widened. Her eyes were so wide that you could see her pupils enlarging. She leaned her head slighting towards him and her eyes darted outward. The emotion in her eyes showed she was brimming with revenge. Her muscles around her eyes hardened, and you could see the disproval within. She continued to maintain this intense hostile stare, until he began to respond. As he began to speak, her eyes narrowed. Her eyelids covered her eyes, almost in a defensive and dissatisfied way. ┬áHer eyes appeared much smaller, and you could barely see the white in her eyes. Her eyes than began to open and blink rapidly in a very…

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