Where Does the Government End There is much controversy over who is actually responsible for the obesity crisis in America. In “What You Eat is Your Business” Balko claims that it is not the governments responsibility, but he also claims that the government should rethink the ways in which they do fight obesity. Like Balko, I do not believe that the government is responsible for other people’s decisions, however, when the government does decide to get involved they should definitely reconsider their ways of doing so.
Balko, in “What You Eat is Your Business,” recognizes the fact that our government definitely has a hand in on the obesity crisis in America. Most politicians even use it as a platform within their elections. “Politicians have climbed on board. President Bush earmarked $200 million in his budget for anti-obesity measures.” (Balko 396) Balko does not criticize the government for getting involved, he does, however, disagree with the ways in which the government does choose to intervene. He believes that there is smarter ways in which the government can spend the money in which they are in charge of. “This is the wrong way to fight obesity.”(Balko 396) Balko says that the government shouldn’t mess with the food that is available to consumers. Rather change the ideas of the consumers and the ways in which they think about their personal health. “Instead of manipulating or intervening in the array of food options available to American consumers, our government ought to be working to foster a sense of responsibility in and ownership of our own health and well-being. But we’re doing just the opposite.”(Balko 396)
Balko also brings up the fact that the government continuing to take more control of American health care is not right and everyday is headed toward competes government control. He believes there is a line that the government should not cross, and politicians are definitely getting close to it in the health care areas. “For…

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