Ebony Jackson
English 1100
Prof. Fisher
9/12/14Rich Man’s Recovery Critique In America, we are separated into economic groups that causes a misty shadow on the main idea of “the American Dream.” The inequality in our class systems causing America to lose focus on our Alma Mater. Paul Krugman, the author of the article “Rich Man’s Recovery” point out key ideas on financial injustice we encounter in America. I one hundred percent agree with his conclusion how the poor suffer because the rich had great opportunities. He used present situations to discuss how the rich are simply over privilege.
“If the rich are so much richer than the rest, well they live in a different universe” Krugman simply is saying that their money changes America’s idea of “one nation.” The rich financial well-being is crowding out the equality for opportunities which leaves no room for a successful democracy. During the Great Recession, Wall Street had everyone’s bank account straining like a raisin. However, Krugman strong use of sources explain how the rich were able to bounce back so quickly.
In conclusion, even though Krugman and I share similar ideas some areas of his point of view are confusing. It seem like he is pointing his finger at the wrong people. He direct his whole argument to the rich however, they should not be blamed for this insufficient problems. Most wealthy people are simply born wealthy and Krugman tone of the article make wealth seem as a sin. The American dream is designed for great opportunities for EVERYONE. So Krugman, do not blame those who live the dream; blame the people who is behind the operation of the dream.

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