The Electoral College
The Electoral College is a highly important and controversial topic in today’s world. It is how we elect our president, a person who will have profound effects on the country for years to come. The Electoral College is tremendously interesting since it is something that can and will affect every American citizen when election time comes around. Controversy in the Electoral College is important today because our country has grown so much since it began. We have become more diverse than ever and with government corruption becoming more evident, the American people believe they should have the power to decide who is in our government and how it is run. This current system is important today because it can decide the future of our country; it can involve all citizens and is still debated today even after many years of being in action. With the way the founding fathers set up the election system, the Electoral College has produced an array of election turnouts.
The Electoral College is the system we use today to elect presidents of the United States. Each state gets a certain number of electoral votes depending on the number of people in the Congress and senate. Texas gets 38 electoral votes, 36 from people in congress and 2 from the senate (Census). This idea of how many votes each state gets comes from the Connecticut Compromise from Roger Sherman. This compromise combined the New Jersey plan; a plan that said each state gets equal amount of votes and the Virginia plan; a plan based off the population of each state. For a president to win the Electoral College and therefore the presidency they need to get 271 out of 538 Electoral votes. There can be a tie in the Electoral College, if this becomes the case; the House breaks the tie.
Contrary to popular belief, the Electoral College was created by the founding fathers not because they thought the American people were not smart enough, but the founding fathers feared that without sufficient…

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