How to Survive in Corporate Life
I have been a corporate stooge for 17 years. It really isn’t hard to survive although I have seen many people fail in corporations because they didn’t try to survive. Here’s a few tips:
1. Get Organized. There are two types of organizational people in a corporation: neatnicks and slobs. The Neatnicks will be impressed because you are well-organized. The Slobs will be impressed because you are organized. It really isn’t that hard and it has a big payoff. Clean your desk of everything except the task at hand. When you move to next task, file away the old task. Don’t leave “reminders” on your desk. They merely divert your attention. Get a Day-Timer and carry it everywhere. It looks impressive. Remember, perception is everything in a corporation.
2. Concentrate on making your boss look good to HIS boss. Don’t worry about your boss; he may be working for you one day. And don’t suck up to your boss in his presence. It looks like butt-kissing. But when you talk to your “grandboss”, let him know your immediate boss is great. Push the buttons . Give your boss the credit for every good thing. This accomplishes two important things: it makes your grandboss impressed because you are sacrificing for your boss and it makes the other bosses want to steal you away so they can get the same treatment. Chances are that your grandboss will want you shining his apple to HIS boss. It’s good for a promotion anyway.
3. Concentrate on making your team members look good. It makes you look like a team player and they are less likely to cut your legs out because you are working up the ladder.
4. Focus on the long-term. Always sacrifice money for future. Don’t let the company niche you into some proprietary slot that is useless outside the company. If the company is buttering you up, it’s probably a bad thing. Forget the money and work on the resume. It will pay off in the long-run.
5. If you are unhappy, get out. It’s a career killer. Either post…

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