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HTT 230 Week 1 CheckPoint: Primary Financial Statements
HTT 230 Week 2 Assignment: Rosabella and Canyon Hotel Concept Checks
HTT 230 Week 2 CheckPoint: The CP3 Accounting System
HTT 230 Week 3 CheckPoint: Credit Card Research
HTT 230 Week 3 CheckPoint: Crescendo Concept Check
HTT 230 Week 4 Assignment: Watree Lodge and Greenville Restaurant Concept Checks
HTT 230 Week 4 CheckPoint: The Importance of Working Capital
HTT 230 Week 5 CheckPoint: Growth Strategies
HTT 230 Week 6 Assignment: Loans and Equity
HTT 230 Week 6 CheckPoint: Debt and Equity is WACC
HTT 230 Week 6 CheckPoint: Financial Schemes
HTT 230 Week 7 CheckPoint: POS System Concept Check
HTT 230 Week 8 Assignment: Application Exercises
HTT 230 Week 8 CheckPoint: Star Takeover Concept Check
HTT 230 Capstone
HTT 230 Week 1 DQS
HTT 230 Week 3 DQs
HTT 230 Week 5 DQS
HTT 230 Week 7 DQS___________________________________________________________________________________________________HTT 230 Final Part 2 Of 2For more course tutorials visit
Hotel Consultation
Review the Final Project Scenario in Appendix A.
Develop a 1,400- to 1,750- word paper using Appendixes A and C as your guide. Address the following in your paper:o Compare the Dreschler Hotel to the competing hotels listed in the Trend Report in Appendix C. Identify any issues that may be affecting how the Dreschler Hotel is performing.
o Describe two potential improvements or additions to the property described in Appendix C that may help increase business and overall profit.
o Identify the funding options available to you, assuming there is no working capital to put toward these projects.
o Explain two benefits and one disadvantage of converting the property into any one of the following financial schemes: timeshare, condominium, or…

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