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HTT 240 Week 1 DQs
HTT 240 Week 2 Assignment: Food Service Systems
HTT 240 Week 2 CheckPoint: Flowchart
HTT 240 Week 3 CheckPoint HACCP Principles
HTT 240 Week 3 DQs
HTT 240 Week 4 Assignment: Plan a Menu
HTT 240 Week 4 CheckPoint Evaluate a Menu
HTT 240 Week 5 CheckPoint: Purchasing Influence
HTT 240 Week 5 DQs
HTT 240 Week 6 Assignment: Service Styles
HTT 240 Week 6 CheckPoint: Purchasing and Production Functions
HTT 240 Week 7 CheckPoint: Facility Review
HTT 240 Week 7 DQs
HTT 240 Week 8 Assignment: Beverage Sales
HTT 240 Week 8 CheckPoint: Control Techniques
HTT 240 Final Project: Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) Food Service Case Study
HTT 240 Capstone___________________________________________________________________________________________________
HTT 240 Week 2 Assignment- Food Service SystemsFor more course tutorials visit
Due Date: Day 7 [Assignment Link
Resource: Ch. 2 of Introduction to Foodservice
Compare and contrast the four types of Foodservice Systems discussed on pp. 60–67 of the text.
Include the following for each system
Explanation of the system
Advantages and Disadvantages
Write a 350- to 700-word paper outlining the information you collected.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
Post your paper as an attachment
_________________________________________________________________________________________HTT 240 Week 6 Assignment-Service StylesFor more course tutorials visit
Due Date: Day 7 [Assignment Link]
Resources: Week One CheckPoint and Ch. 9 of Introduction to Foodservice
Choose two of your restaurants from Week One.
Compare and contrast the different styles of service within your chosen two establishments with the following questions in mind:
How does the style of service add to or take away from the dining experience?…

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