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HUM 266 Week 1 Function of Art Paper
HUM 266 Week 2 Architecture Paper
HUM 266 Week 3 Music Paper
HUM 266 Week 3 Assignment Renaissance Painting Presentation
HUM 266 Week 4 Romanticism Paper
HUM 266 Week 4 Isadora Duncan
HUM 266 Week 5 Artistic Periods Worksheet
HUM 266 Week 5 Theater and Cinema Comparison_________________________________________________________________________________________________HUM 266 Week 1 Function of Art PaperFor more course tutorials visit
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you discuss the following questions:Briefly describe your exposure to different types of art forms, such as painting, sculpture, music, literature, theatre, cinema, and dance.
Which of the different forms of art from the list above are most interesting or valuable to you? Explain why and provide specific examples.
Should art serve some type of societal purpose or function, or should art exist solely for its own sake? Discuss both viewpoints objectively and explain which of the two views you personally favor and why.Include in your paper an introductory paragraph and conclusion.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.__________________________________________________________________________________________________
HUM 266 Week 3 Assignment Renaissance Painting PresentationFor more course tutorials visit
Select any one painting from the Renaissance painters:
Da Vinci
Jan Van Eyck
Hieronymus BoschCoordinate this assignment with the Facilitator so each team has a different presentation.Design a 10- to 15-slide 20-minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that introduces the painting to the class and explains the following:Name of painter, title, and year(s) of painting
Brief biography of painter and…

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