Apple was Right to Introduce iPhone 5CIntroduction
iPhone 5C was introduced by Apple in September 2013 along with the release of iPhone 5s. iPhone 5C has much of the same feature as its previous model iPhone5 and it is designed to be a cheaper iPhone that comes with various colors. This paper tries to analyze the marketing strategies that Apple has applied with the release of iPhone5C and states the reason why Apple was right to introduce iPhone 5C. Apple Using Various Marketing Strategies
iPhone 5C was targeted to people who were new to iPhone. Apple segmented their target to other smartphone users and people who are new to the smartphone market that will buy iPhone at lower price. Apple was intelligent that they don’t just sell their phone at lower price but making them attractive by offering various color sets. Apple has also used pricing strategy to attract and win new user over their rivals. Penetrating pricing was used to make the product immersed into the market quickly and easily accessible to many people and compelled Android alternative. According to Apple’s chief executive Tim cook, 69 percent of iPhone 5c was new to iPhone, while 60 percent had switched from an Android phone. This number also suggests that about 30 percent of iPhone 5C users were former iPhone users. By offering iPhone 5C Apple was able to match the needs of former iPhone users as well. Moreover, Apple’s iPhone has also achieved 55% market share among smartphones in Japan, one of the most valuable market. This proves that Apple was successful achieving their goal by introducing iPhone 5C. Another note to mention is that iPhone 5C did not sell more nor equally sold than iPhone 5S. It is important because if iPhone 5C was preferred more, it indicates that Apple was not able to deliver innovation capable of attracting their customers to buy.Conclusion
Using various marketing strategies, Apple was successful increasing its market share in smartphone. They have not just…

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