Franken Blade
Quick Notes
Show relevance of context through a close study of the two texts and how meaning shapes the techniques used.
Don’t re tell the story, however choose textual references careful that help support and justify your argument with both texts, how it is shown through a different way.
Don’t separate essays into chunks; it’s a comparative study. The texts need to be compared, need to integrate discussion. How is this idea shown in both texts, Shelley uses this technique whilst Scott exploits the cinematic device to highlight…
Don’t just analyse characters, analyse ideas, comparisons within the texts.
Ideas within the Text
Both texts present similar ideas, but shown in different ways.Nature:
What Shelley emphasises as important through its presence (nature), Scott emphasises as important often through its absence (lack of).
The fundamental need for sustaining the natural world- nature as linked to humanity itself, the life source that provides us with support.
The need to connect with nature as part of the human instinct. Removing this is like extracting part of the soul. Consequences result from such extraction, often leading to violence. (Origami plants are symbolic of the need to connect with nature even though they have been tamed.
Nature reconciles Victor for a while, Clerval’s introduction highlights the foil between Clerval and the self indulged Victor.Relationships:
Fostering endearing relationships is vital.
Victor Isolates himself from society and as a consequences plunges into a deep melancholy. “Where could I find rest but in death” – Rhetorical question
The monster also requires some sort of relationship, when he commands victor to create himself a companion. “This being you must create.”
Tyrell’s blindness to the need to communicate with his creations of the replicants, “You were made as well as we could make you.” Signifies his disconnection from true humanity.
Roy’s experiences and connections with…

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