The Design Plan: This experiment asks the question, “If popcorn kernels are put in freezing temperatures for a forty-eight hour period, do they yield more kernels popped or less than popcorn kernels that are placed in an area with room temperatures?” This experiment can help decide how to raise our food potential. First, we will buy eight packets of the same brand of popcorn kernels. These packets of kernels will all contain the same weight and equal ingredients. Four out of the eight packets will be stored in a standard freezer for forty eight hours. Within the freezer, the temperature will remain the same for the forty eight hour period. The other four packets that remain will be placed on the kitchen shelf where it will stay at room temperatures constantly for the next forty eight hours.Temperature and the cooking time are the Controlled Variables.
The number of kernels popped will be the Dependent Variable.
The temperature of the storage places will be the Independent Variable.By the outcomes of the most kernels popped, we will be able to decide which manner of storage results in the highest amount of food.Literature Review:There have been many experiments that have shown differing results for which popcorn brand pops the most kernels. In regards to an individual study by Sean Boyd (2010), different brands of popcorn kernels were tested to see which one pops the most. In this experiment, the brand Jolly Time was found to have the “most kernels popped”. However, another experiment was conducted a couple of years earlier by Ben Popken (2008). In Mr. Popken’s research, he came to the conclusion that, in regards to which brand pops the most, “ACT II was the winner.”Apart from these two, there have been more experiments done with different results. For this reason, we will be only using one brand name; this brand name will be the same popcorn brand used throughout the entire experiment. Since the independent variable will not be the…

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