Professor Baldwin
Human Sexuality 255
October 14, 2014 With this first paper about self-analysis I am going to start off from the beginning when I was in elementary school. I would start the self-analysis with my development of sexual experience. When I was in second grade I had a crush on this girl named Depriece. Depriece was in the class next to mine, in this teacher named Mrs. Harcourt. Everyday day at recess we would either play tag together or play whatever sport we decided for that particular day. So what started off one day by me receiving this note from Depriece. She wrote basically do you like me yes or no. I replied back and checked the yes box and then the next day of recess, I returned back Depriece the note. That following day at recess Depriece came up to me and said “I read your note”. I said “yea what do you feel about it”. She asked me “Do you want to go out with me”. I replied yes I want to go out with you. So I remember her smiling at me and taking a hold of my hand and saying lets go under the slide. So I was thinking in my head about what is about to take place but I quite couldn’t grasp what is happening.
So we get under the slide and she tells me close your eyes and when I closed them she kissed me on my lips. What I was thinking in my head was saying to myself was this was my first kiss and it happened just out of nowhere. Right after she kissed me we held hands all the way back until our classes lined back up to go back to each other class. I will always remember my first kiss; I am just looking back at it like I am surprised I got mine so young. So with getting my first kiss in the second grade pretty much every girlfriend after that until pecking was leading up to my first make out. So it all started with I was in a relationship in the sixth grade

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