In today’s generation, we face many unsolved problems and controversial issues like moral, religious and social issues. One of these social issues that are very common is the increase of the teenage pregnancy and it has been around for ages. Young people go through many changes as they move from their childhood years to adolescence stage. Teenage year is a period of seeking your own identity by taking risks and exploring new things. The teenage world today is governed by different standards and rules for them to fit in. Within the teenage group, it is normal for them to be rebellious and to explore new things that seem exciting that includes sex. The desire to try new things leads teenagers to commit pre-marital sex. When we say pre-marital sex, it means sexual activity of two people (a girl and a boy) who are unmarried. Admit it or not, pre-marital sex is very rampant in our society today which results of the many cases of teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is a pregnancy of females who are 13 Р18 years old. Teenage pregnancy results to the unexpected rise of responsibility to teens and may cause health problems to men, women and to the child. People tend to believe that access to contraceptives is one of the solutions to prevent teenage pregnancy. Contraceptives are very common to people in which it prevents unwanted pregnancy and protection against disease on couples who are having sex. Contraceptives can be very helpful when it comes to preventing teenage pregnancy, but teenage pregnancy can be reduced by simply giving them guidance coming from their parents and making teens more aware of contraceptives and giving them information. The use of contraceptives is not always the answer to prevent teenage pregnancy.

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