One negative effect of TV on kids is laziness. When we watch TV, we always become just sitting or lying on the sofa for many hours; and even do nothing. And the worst effect is TV makes lots of kids don’t like going out. Not only kids, many adults do. For example, some people in Taiwan love spending their whole time to stay at home by watching TV and sleeping. Even the restaurants or supermarkets just lie in their downstairs of home or next door; they still ask their family and friends buy foods or staples for them. Taiwanese call these people “home-keeping men” or “home-keeping women.” It is really unhealthy habits to loiter all your time watching TV, because you will not move your body and also hurt your eyes.
Another negative point about TV watching is that it may cause children to have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is not. Kids don’t interest the informative programs. Instead, they like watch funny shows, cartoons and interesting movies. These programs and films are always exaggerated to cause the audience’s attention. For example, there was a new that a Taiwanese kid jumped from the fifth floor and severely injured. Then his mother asked him why he did that? The little boy answered he wanted to learn the leading man in the actioner. Children are in the occasion of the ignorant and curious age; so they sometimes will trust the stories or information which are made up in TV.
A third important effect that television has on kids is that it often desensitizes them to violence and bad behavior. The popular programs and movies now are almost including these elements: violence, bad behavior and bad languages. Those are really can catch people’s eyes. But if a person often watches these programs; he will become more desensitized to these bad things. It affects kids more because they learn everything very fast and without choosing. Now the whole world crime rate is higher and higher; I think the bad TV programs and films are the most…

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