WEB 407 Entire CourseFor more course tutorials visitwww.shoptutorial.comWEB 407 Week 1 DQs
WEB 407 Week 1 Individual Assignment / Encrypted Login Page
WEB 407 Week 2 DQs
WEB 407 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database
WEB 407 Week 3 DQs
WEB 407 Week 3 Individual Assignment Database Justification Memo
WEB 407 Week 4 DQs
WEB 407 Week 5 DQs
WEB 407 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Web Application
WEB 407 Week 1 DQs
For more course tutorials visitwww.shoptutorial.comWhat is the importance of cookies on security, page lifecycle management, and usabilityWrite a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following:
Why is it important to use standards such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) when managing secure data on the Internet? What do SSL and other security measures provide to users and organizations
WEB 407 Week 1 Individual Assignment
For more course tutorials visitwww.shoptutorial.comCreate a well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing login page.
You may use a login page that you have created in a prior course. Alternatively, you may add your own basic CSS to the Login Page template provided on the student website.
Apply a basic client side JavaScript® encryption function to the login fields. For example, use string manipulation, such as a to z, b to y, and so on. You decide on the encryption type, application, and method.
Submit the complete application along with your algorithm logic and its potential vulnerabilities.
Optionally, implement encryption or authentication using a creative method. For example, consider using Graphical User Interface (GUI) manipulation, or hashing. The advanced options will not provide additional credit, but will allow you to expand your skill set.

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